Compare Alternative D to Selected Alternative

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Selected Alternative Compared to Alternative D. 

In February 2016, The National Park Service released its final Rim of the Valley Corridor Study ​. As they did during their previous ​draft study ​​proposing Alternative C, they​ recommended adding approximately 170,000 acres to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA). Excerpted from their report: “The National Park Service’s final study recommendation, or “selected alternative,” is essentially a combination of possible alternatives proposed in the Rim of the Valley Corridor Draft Special Resource Study and Environmental Assessment released in April 2015. The selected alternative proposes a 170,000-acre boundary adjustment to SMMNRA, which would include portions of the Los Angeles River and Arroyo Seco corridors, the Verdugo Mountains-San Rafael Hills, the San Gabriel Mountains foothills, the Simi Hills, the Santa Susana Mountains, and the Conejo Mountain area.​”​

Here are the details of NPS’s Selected Alternative Boundary Adjustment:

  • Started with Alternative C
  • Removed 55,000 acres – primarily the built-out areas, high density residential & commercial, solid waste facilities and oil and gas 
  • Added 52,000 acres from Alternative D with adjustments to LA River and Arroyo Seco corridors, focus on public right-of-ways and adjacent public lands and mediterranean habitat – connectivity of Santa Monica Mountains to the Los Padres and Angeles National Forest Lands

The next step for Congressman Adam Schiff who has championed the Rim of the Valley, is to introduce legislation. He has always been a proponent of Alternative D – as has the Coalition. D adds approximately 313,000 critical acres to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.​ Adam Schiff is also supported by ​Representatives Lieu, Sherman, Cardenas, Chu, Becerra and Roybal-Allard​.

​Public support is needed to drive comments to the Congressman to bring forth legislation to expand the Santa Monica Mountains ​National Recreation Area. Here is ​Congressman ​Schiff’s ​just released press statement: You can send your comments to ​him​ ​at